How Big Are Little Caesars Pizzas? Why You Should Know

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Do you love Little Caesars pizzas but were never sure just how big are Little Caesars pizzas? Did you ever think they were bigger than other kinds of pizza, only to be disappointed when you opened the box? You’re not alone – we’ve all been there! Understanding exactly how much a whole Little Caesars Pizza can give you and your family is vital.

In this blog post, we’ll dive into the details behind their size and help explain why it’s essential for you to know what to expect from your next Little Caesars order. So the next time you call up one of their locations or place an online order, everyone at home will enjoy their favorite meal in its ideal form.

How Big Are Little Caesars Pizzas?

How Big Are Little Caesars Pizzas

Little Caesars provides two types of pizzas for their customers: classic round pizzas and even larger deep-dish pizzas. The standard Little Caesars round pizza comes in large and extra-large sizes. A large round pizza can feed up to 3-4 people, while an extra-large option is ideal for feeding a group of 5 or more.

For the deep dish variety, you’ll get an XL size that can serve 6-8 people – perfect for prominent families or when having friends over! All in all, no matter which types you go with, you can rest assured that everyone will have enough food to satisfy their cravings.

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Depending on the toppings you choose, you’ll also be able to customize their pizzas with various options. From classic pepperoni and cheese to more unique flavours like BBQ chicken and even garlic parmesan – there’s something for everyone! That way, you can make sure that your pizza has all the ingredients you know and love.

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How Many Slices In A Little Caesars Pizzas?

How many slice are Little Caesars pizzas

It’s also important to note that depending on the size you choose, each pizza will yield a different number of slices. For example, a large Little Caesars round pizza is cut into 8 even slices, and an extra-large round pizza comes with 10 slices. Meanwhile, the deep dish XL pizzas will come with 12 pieces for your convenience.

With bigger size comes a better value; not only will you have enough food for the whole family, but you’ll also be able to save money in the process.

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What Are The Differences Between Classic Round And Detroit Deep Dish Pizza?

Besides the obvious size difference, there are a few other factors that make these two types of pizzas stand out. Little Caesars classic round pizza is made with their signature thin and crispy crust – perfect for those who prefer a light yet flavorful base. On the other hand, Detroit deep-dish pizza has thicker dough and more cheese to go around. This option is great for people who want a heavier meal or just love extra cheese!

In terms of calories, the classic round pizza has fewer than the Detroit deep dish. A large classic round pizza will have about 3020 calories in total, while an XL Detroit deep dish has 3050 calories. However, the topping you choose for your pizza will also affect the calories count. For example, adding extra cheese or pepperoni to either type of pizza will make it higher in calories.

Is The Little Caesars Pizzas Size Different In Regions?

Yes, the size of Little Caesars pizzas may vary slightly across different states and regions. For example, a large classic round pizza in New York City might be slightly bigger than one in Los Angeles. However, the differences are usually minor and won’t affect your overall satisfaction with their food.

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If you order the Little Caesars pizza in Singapore, you will notice the size of the pizza is approximately 12 inches, which is a bit smaller than the US size. But you can expect the same quality and taste of their signature pizzas no matter where you get them!

What Is The Most Size That People Likely To Order From Little Caesars Pizzas?

Overall, most people tend to go for either the large or extra-large classic round pizzas. That way, they can get enough food for their group without having to worry about any leftovers. For larger groups or special occasions, the XL Detroit deep-dish pizza is also a great option, as it can serve up to 8 people in one sitting.

No matter which size you choose, you’ll be able to enjoy Little Caesars’ amazing taste and quality with every bite! So whether you’re looking for a quick meal out on the town or want something delicious to feed your family at home, Little Caesars has something for everyone. With their wide variety of sizes and toppings available, you’re sure to find


Can You Order The Pizza Size Which Is Not In The Menu From Little Caesars?

No, Little Caesars currently offers a limited selection of pizza sizes. There’s no option to customize the size of your pizza outside the available options.

How Many Calories Are In A Little Caesars Pizza?

The exact number of calories in a Little Caesars pizza will depend on its size and type. For example, a large classic round pizza will have about 3020 calories, while an XL Detroit deep dish has 3050 calories. Adding extra cheese or pepperoni to either type of pizza will make it higher in calories.

Is The Extra-Large Size Of Little Caesars Pizzas Bigger Than Other Brands?

Yes, Little Caesars offers an extra-large pizza size which is bigger than the large sizes of other brands. An XL Little Caesars round pizza typically comes with 10 slices, and an extra-large Detroit deep dish yields 12 pieces. With a larger size, you’ll get more food for your money!

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Is The Round Size Pizza Cheaper Than The Deep Dish?

Yes, the round pizza from Little Caesars is typically cheaper than its deep-dish counterpart. So if you’re looking for a more affordable option, this might be the best choice for you. Plus, the classic round pizza has fewer calories than the Detroit deep dish, which makes it a great option for health-conscious customers.

Can You Customize The Way Of Slicing The Little Caesars Pizza?

No, Little Caesars currently doesn’t offer custom slicing options for its pizzas. All orders will come pre-sliced in the number of slices indicated by the size you choose. However, if you’re not satisfied with the way your pizza is sliced, don’t hesitate to contact their customer service team, and they’ll make sure to address any issue that you may have.

How Big Are Little Caesars Pizzas For A Group Of 4 People?

Depending on how much each person would like to eat, a classic round large pizza from Little Caesars is usually enough for 4 people. This size typically has 8 slices and can serve up to 3-4 people in one go. Alternatively, you could opt for an extra-large Detroit deep-dish pizza which yields 12 pieces and can serve up to 8 people at once.

What Pizza Size Has The Most Discount?

Little Caesars often has discounts on their pizzas, and the size that usually offers the most savings is the extra-large Detroit deep-dish pizza. This pizza is typically a few dollars cheaper than its round counterpart and can serve up to 8 people in one go. It’s worth checking out if you’re looking for an affordable way to feed your family or a large group of friends.


Pizza size really does matter! Knowing how big are Little Caesars pizzas is an essential part of finding the right size for your family. If you’re feeding a large group, the Hot-N-Ready Large Classic has enough to accommodate everyone and is a great deal. If it’s just you, go for the Hot-N-Ready, which comes with four slices to avoid wasting food or money.

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