Pizza Hut Crust – 3 Reasons Why It’s the Best

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Have you ever craved a perfect pizza with a crunchy, cheesy crust that melts in your mouth? If so, you’re probably thinking of Pizza Hut’s iconic pizza crust! From its light and fluffy texture to its delightful cheese-filled rim, it’s easy to understand why Pizza Hut is the go-to spot for delicious pizza. But what makes their crust stand out amongst other pies around? In this blog post, we’ll dive into three reasons why Pizza Hut crust could just be the best out there.

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What Is Pizza Hut?

Pizza Hut crust

Pizza Hut was founded in 1958 by brothers Dan and Frank Carney. It is a fast-food restaurant chain with over 16,000 locations worldwide. The company offers various pizza varieties such as Deep Dish Pizza, Stuffed Crust Pizza, and, more recently, the Detroit Style Pizza.

The Pizza Hut crusts are made with a unique blend of ingredients that gives it distinctive flavor and texture. The combination of cheddar cheese, garlic-butter sauce, and delicious toppings creates the perfect pizza experience.

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How Many Crust Types Does Pizza Hut Have?

Pizza Hut offers several crust types, including Classic Hand-Tossed, Thin’ N Crispy®, Stuffed Crust, Deep Dish, Cheesy Bites, and Pan Crust. Each one is designed to satisfy a different pizza craving.

Classic Hand-Tossed

The Classic Hand-Tossed crust has a crunchy texture and is made with garlic-butter sauce for an extra savory flavor. It is suitable for those who love a classic pizza feel.

Thin’ N Crispy®

The Thin’ N Crispy® is just as it sounds—thin and crispy! It has a cracker-like texture and is made without garlic-butter sauce for a lighter flavor. Perfect for those looking for something a bit healthier.

Stuffed Crust

Stuffed Crust is one of the most popular options. It has a thick, doughy crust stuffed with melty cheese for an extra cheesy experience. You can feel the gooey cheese inside and out.

Deep Dish Crust

Deep Dish is thicker than traditional pizza, with a pillowy crust that’s stuffed with your favorite toppings. It’s great for those who love a heartier meal.

Cheesy Bite

The Cheesy Bites are bite-sized pieces of pizza with a cheddar cheese center. Perfect as an appetizer or snack!

Pan Crust

The Pan crust is made with a unique blend of ingredients, giving it an extra crunch on the outside and a fluffy, doughy texture inside. It’s perfect for those who are looking for something unique.

3 Reasons Why Is The Pizza Hut Original Stuffed Crust Best?

Pizza Hut stuffed crustThere are many reasons why Pizza Hut original stuffed crust is so popular. In 1995, Pizza Hut was the first to introduce the concept of a stuffed crust. It has become one of their most popular menu items, and it’s easy to see why! Here are three reasons why people love this delicious pizza option:

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The Taste

The crust is filled with melted cheese for an extra cheesy bite. When you bite into it, the cheese oozes out and adds different flavor to your pizza. You also can combine it with your favorite toppings for an even more delicious pizza experience.

The Texture

The crust is soft, fluffy, and doughy on the inside. It has a crunchy outer layer that adds to its appeal. The perfect combination of crunch and softness!

The Convenience

Pizza Hut stuffed crust pizzas are easy to order and ready in minutes. You can choose from a variety of sizes, flavors, and toppings. Plus, you can find them at most grocery stores or have them delivered right to your door!

Does Pizza Hut Crust Have Large Calories?

Pizza Hut crusts vary in calories depending on the ingredients used. The Classic Hand-Tossed crust has 140 calories per slice, while the Thin’ N Crispy® and Deep Dish have 160 and 180 calories, respectively. Stuffed Crust has an average of 210 calories per slice, and Cheesy Bites around 200.

The amount of topping on the pizza will also affect its calorie content. Toppings such as cheese, meats, and vegetables can add up quickly. It’s essential to keep an eye on your portion sizes when ordering Pizza Hut pizzas!


Is Pizza Hut Thin Crust Healthier Than Thick One?

The thin crust is less calorie-dense than the thick crust. It also has a lighter flavor, making it better for those who are trying to watch their calorie intake. However, both Pizza Hut crusts can be enjoyed in moderation as part of a balanced diet.

Does Pizza Hut Use Real Cheese?

Yes, Pizza Hut uses real cheese on all its pizzas. The type of cheese varies depending on the pizza and your location, but all cheeses used are natural and unprocessed.

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What Are The Differences Between Hand-Tossed And Thin Crust?

The main difference between hand-tossed and thin crusts is the texture and thickness. Hand-tossed has a thicker, fluffier texture and is usually topped with more ingredients. The thin crust is much more delicate and has a crispier texture. It also uses fewer toppings than the hand-tossed crust.

Did Pizza Hut Change Its Original Crust?

Yes! In 2019, Pizza Hut made changes to its original crust recipe and added more flavorful ingredients. The new version includes a blend of herbs and spices, giving the crust a bolder flavor. It also has a softer texture than the previous version.

Does Pizza Hut Have Gluten-Free Crusts?

Yes, Pizza Hut does offer gluten-free crusts. They are made with a combination of rice flour and other ingredients and are certified to be free of wheat, barley, and rye. They’re also available in personal-size pizzas or larger sizes, depending on your preference.

Does Pizza Hut Have Vegan Options?

Yes! Pizza Hut offers a variety of vegan options, including vegan cheese and meat substitutes. You can also create your own pizza with your favorite vegan toppings for a more personalized experience!


Who doesn’t love a good slice of pizza? It’s a classic favorite that takes you back to your childhood, and Pizza Hut is here to make sure this trip down memory lane is even better! Pizza Hut crust has been crafted through years of perfecting the art, delivering a delicious combination of cracker-crispy crunch with just enough chewiness. Whether it’s their famous Original Pan® pizzas or Stuffed Crust pies – Pizza Hut is bringing an unbeatable flavor every time.

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