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Are you looking to tantalize your taste buds with a pizza experience like no other? Then Doughboys pizza is the answer. Doughboys Pizza offers delicious, hand-stretched dough, fresh vegetables, and savory sauces – all cooked inside their custom-built stone oven – an authentic Italian pizzeria experience. Not only do they offer the classic pepperoni, sausage, and cheese selections, but they also feature creative combinations such as BBQ chicken & bacon or creamy spinach & feta.

No matter what toppings you choose, every slice of Doughboy’s will be sure to leave your mouth watering for more! So come on in today and discover why everyone can’t get enough of this delicious pizza spot.

What Is Doughboys Pizza?

Delicious Doughboys pizza

Doughboys pizza is a family-owned business located in the heart of McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania. Established in 2019, Doughboys pizza specializes in classic Italian-American pizzas, with hand-stretched dough and savory sauces cooked inside their custom-built stone oven. Their creative menu offers a wide selection of both traditional and unique pizza combinations, ensuring that there’s something to please everyone. From the classic pepperoni and sausage to the more adventurous BBQ chicken and bacon, Doughboys pizza has something for everyone.

Not only do they offer a wide selection of delicious pizzas, but their sides and desserts are sure to please as well. Their garlic knots and cheesy breadsticks will keep your taste buds begging for more, while their decadent desserts, like brownie sundaes, are the perfect way to sweeten your visit.

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What Is The Specialty Of Doughboys Pizza?

Pepperoni and cheese from Doughboys Pizza

At Doughboys pizza, their specialty is freshness. They pride themselves on using only the highest quality ingredients to ensure every bite of their delicious pizza is as flavorful and unique as possible. Every slice of their hand-stretched dough is made with care and precision, while their savory sauces are cooked inside their custom-built stone ovens, giving their pizza that classic Italian pizzeria taste.

If you’re looking for something extraordinary, then Doughboys Pizza is the perfect choice. From their signature calzones and strombolis to their unique pizzas like BBQ chicken & bacon or creamy spinach & feta, there’s sure to be something on the menu to satisfy your cravings. With a wide selection of both traditional and creative combinations, as well as side dishes and desserts, Doughboys Pizza offers an experience like no other.

How Many Pizza Sizes Does Doughboys Pizza Offer?

Doughboys pizza offers four sizes of pizza: personal, small, medium, and large. While the personal size is perfect for a quick lunch break snack or to satisfy one’s cravings, the larger sizes are great for parties or gatherings.

With different pizza sizes, you’ll get a different number of slices. A personal pizza will give you four slices, while a large one will provide twelve slices. This allows customers to customize their pizza experience, ensuring they get just the right amount of deliciousness.

What Are The Cheese Types That Doughboys Pizza Uses?

At Doughboys pizza, they offer several types of cheese to choose from. From classic mozzarella and cheddar to tangy feta and creamy ricotta, each cheese brings its own unique flavor profile. By providing customers with a variety of cheeses, Doughboys pizza ensures that every pizza is as flavorful and delicious as possible.

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No matter which type of cheese you choose for your pizza, one thing is for sure: you won’t be disappointed! With dough made from scratch, fresh vegetables, savory sauces cooked inside their stone ovens, and a wide selection of cheeses – there’s no doubt that Doughboys pizza will provide an unforgettable experience. Come on in and uncover the true essence of this exceptional pizzeria today

How Many Calories In A Slice Of Doughboys Pizza?

A slice of Doughboys pizza varies in calories depending on the toppings and type of cheese. Generally speaking, a slice of plain mozzarella cheese pizza will have approximately 168 calories. This can vary if additional toppings are added to the pizza or if a different type of cheese is used, such as feta or ricotta. For more accurate calorie information, it’s best to check the nutritional information provided by Doughboys pizza for each individual pizza.

How Long Does It Take To Order Doughboys Pizza?

At Doughboys pizza, ordering your delicious meal is quick and easy. All you have to do is call in your order or place it online, and they’ll take care of the rest! In most cases, your order will be ready in under 30 minutes.

So whether you’re looking for a quick snack or an entire meal for the family, don’t hesitate to give Doughboys pizza a try. With their fast service and an unbeatable selection of classic pizzas, unique pies, sides, and desserts—you’re sure to find something that everyone can enjoy.

Why Should You Try The Doughboys Pizza?

Doughboys pizza offers an unforgettable experience that is sure to satisfy you. From their hand-stretched dough, custom-built stone ovens, and a wide selection of savory sauces—you won’t find a better pizza anywhere else! They also use only the highest quality ingredients to ensure every bite of their delicious pizza is as flavorful and unique as possible. Whether you’re looking for something traditional or creative, there’s sure to be something on the menu to suit your cravings.

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So why wait? Come on in and discover the true essence of this exceptional pizzeria today! With Doughboys pizza, you can expect deliciousness with every slice. Try it out today and have a fantastic dining experience like no other!


Does Doughboys Pizza Have Gluten-Free Pizza?

Yes! Doughboys pizza offers gluten-free options for all of their pizzas. They use a special type of gluten-free dough to ensure that customers with dietary restrictions can still enjoy the same delicious meal as everyone else.

Does Doughboys Pizza Offer Delivery?

Yes, Doughboys pizza offers delivery service in most areas. For more information on available delivery locations and times, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your local pizza shop.

Does Doughboys Pizza Have Vegetarian Options?

Yes, Doughboys Pizza offers several vegetarian options, including cheese pizza, spinach & feta pizza, and vegetable calzone. All of these dishes are made with top-quality ingredients that will satisfy even the pickiest eater’s cravings!

What Is The Best Topping You Should Try At Doughboys Pizza?

The best topping you should try at Doughboys pizza is the classic Margherita pizza, topped with fresh tomatoes and basil, for a zesty, flavorful experience. It’s sure to be an instant favorite!

Does Doughboys Pizza Offer Special Discounts?

Yes, Doughboys pizza offers special discounts and promotions throughout the year. Be sure to keep an eye out for their deals so that you can get the most bang for your buck!


Doughboys pizza is guaranteed to be a hit among friends, family, and pizza lovers alike. The doughy crust, fresh ingredients, and homemade sauces are sure to tantalize your taste buds like nothing else. Whether you’re looking for a casual mid-week dinner or special occasion indulgence, Doughboys Pizza is the perfect place to enjoy food made with authentic and quality ingredients.

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